“Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart, and mind, and body, and found it to be true. Work out your own path through diligence.”
By Guatama Buddha

As eternal souls we are here on a purposeful evolutionary path. God/Goddess/The Omni’s love and light is always and in all ways compelling and assisting us on our journeys to self-realization.

However, never before have we experienced such unique, crucial and pivotal times. The indisputable absolute existence of increasing evils and mounting fears is giving rise to an intensified experience of devils and obstacles, which can impede our progress and/or cause us harm.

These devils & obstacles are being presented in a variety of forms which may threaten our survival, such as: unemployment, homelessness, anxiety, depression, premature aging and/or auto-immune diseases, causing a sense of hopelessness, helplessness or despair.

Purposeful pain and suffering is not a punishment. It is an opportunity for growth; to learn loving lessons. With our free will, conscious pure intention, and unlimited potential, we can utilize these increasingly powerful energies as tools to transform ourselves and our lives. As catalysts, we can take these “things that happen to us,” and transmutate those challenging and difficult experiences to catapult us to higher places; to more enlightened states of being.

As we deepen our awareness, we learn to live in accordance with the laws of karma and creation, and we gain mastery over our lives. Divine peace; the peace that surpasses any understanding; that is ever present regardless of our external life circumstance replaces anxiety, confusion, and then Divine order is restored, and our private melodramas and traumas no longer hold a charge, eventually just melting away. By the grace of her God-given abilities, Pathfinder serves as a powerful channel. As a light worker she is able to bring that which is in darkness and ignorance into the light of awareness and truth. Pathfinder can help you to empower yourself. She brings integrity, confidentiality, wisdom, compassion, humility and light-hearted humor to everyone she serves.

Pathfinder, helping you to find your path, by knowing yourself and living your purpose.